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To start off, I am humbled to have you here. I am a photographer and art director based in Kuwait. Creating timeless imagery is at the core of the work I do. Image-making has been my escape, a getaway from the rush of life. Photography allows me to slow down, take a step back and capture the beauty of things otherwise looked away from.


Shadows, light, texture and still moments define my work. I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of vintage photographs from family archives, which is why my work always holds a sense of nostalgia. For quite some time, I have been experimenting with film and so I have embraced the style truest to myself. A touch of grain, a still moment, and a sense of peacefulness is often seen in my work. 

I believe that capturing an image goes beyond clicking the shutter button. Curating objects, positioning them in a certain way, and using light to accentuate details is why art direction plays a pivotal role in my workflow. A cohesive set of images, down to the finest details,  comes together only when all aspects are carefully studied.

With my interests combined, comes the marriage of two roles, photographer and art director.

I am currently available for still-life, interior and editorial work, in Kuwait and overseas.

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